DIY Space Cowgirl Costume

Happy Halloween!!!

For this halloween season I decided to be a space cowgirl! I had planned this costume for a year and I’m really proud of how it turned out! Here’s a breakdown of how I did it, hopefully this’ll give you some inpso for your costume!

P.S. this costume is Kacey Musgraves approved!!! She liked my Instagram pic in it so I’m basically a celebrity now or whateva

The Top & Bottom

For the top and bottom I wanted to do something metallic to bring in the space element. It took me a while to find something that fit my vision but I ended up deciding on this bikini set from PrettyLittleThing.


Now the chaps were very hard to do I will admit. My plan was to find some white bell bottoms and make them into to chaps myself. It was pretty difficult but it was manageable.

I got the pants from a set from Boohoo.

To turn them into chaps, first I had to measure out where I wanted the cut out to stop. I wanted them fit right underneath my butt. I wanted them to fit really well to my thighs. So after I got it measured I cut it out and used liquid stitch to hem all the edges. After that I had to figure out how to get it all to fit correctly on my body so it was a bunch of hot gluing and pinning till I finally got it right lol Finally I had to hem the bottom of them because they were too long for me which I also used the liquid stitch for.

Then it was time to decorate the chaps. I bought two yards of silver sparkly fringe (from Hobby Lobby) and hot glued a yard to each side. Then I glued on these sliver sparkly stars (also from Hobby Lobby) on the sides and rhinestones along the sides and the waistband. And that’s how I made the chaps

The Accessories

For my hat, I just got a white one from Party City then I just used some silver and pink rhinestones and created a little design on it.

For my shoes I just used these sliver chunky heels I got from Charlotte Russe a few years ago.

For my hair I used a temporary pink hair wax to make it a little more fun!

And for my makeup I did a glittery pink cut crease and added rhinestones for extra pizzaz!

and here’s the completed look : )

Thank you so much for reading! Hopes this helps you with your costume decisions! If you recreate this look, tag me in it on Instagram @itscami0816 so I can see : )

-xoxo ♡

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